what we did

Community Conversations

Although we had a diverse group of people with us on the RECOVER journey, we still needed the broad spectrum of voices of people who live and participate in the five neighbourhoods.

We hosted several discussions with a diverse collection of small groups. At times, the groups represented a particular stakeholder type and others were based on places where people naturally gather.

  • Chinatown, Downtown and North Edge businesses

  • Creating Hope and Ambrose Place permanent supportive housing

  • Diversity Centre, ASSIST community organization, Intercultural Centre

  • Seniors Association of Greater Edmonton

  • John A. McDougall School


In addition, interviews were conducted with residents on their doorsteps, at cafes, libraries and parks. We interviewed nearly 250 people and asked:

What does a “well” community mean to you?

What spot(s) in your community negatively or positively impact wellness?

What would you do to improve the well-being of the community in general?



Small group conversations and interviews led us to take it to the streets in the form of walking tours. People were invited to walk along and share more about their neighbourhood and learn about each other’s neighbourhoods- what they thought were great or positive spaces and what areas were of concern. These stories and insights contributed to our neighbourhood profiles.

What We Heard Report