defining urban wellness

One of the first tasks for RECOVER was to define urban wellness. What are the characteristics of urban wellness? What would our communities look like when we have achieved urban wellness? What are people doing in the future to stay well? What does our community feel like?

We discovered that although we each have different perspectives and roles to play, we gravitated towards some very common themes when it comes to thinking about urban wellness. We wanted to feel connected and have a sense of place – whether it be with family or friends, our neighbours or our colleagues. We also wanted to be able to chase our dreams and reduce the stressors that we face regularly in day to day life. We valued leadership, diversity and wisdom. Overall, it was apparent that urban wellness requires a holistic view. It is our minds, body, spirit and our place in this world and with others.

We value wellness in this city for all. This means we need to make sure the right systems, conditions and opportunities are in place for our neighbourhoods and all Edmontonians, including those experiencing challenges, to thrive.

RECOVER UrbanWellnessPlanWorkshop-31.jpg


Our RECOVER committees realized a vision isn’t going to be found in one single statement. Rather, our vision involves multiple perspectives and voices.

We aspire to be a community where governments, agencies, business and residents work proactively together, where social, cultural, economic and environmental values are integral components in how our neighbourhoods and who live there not just survive -  but flourish.