our guiding principles

Our social innovation approach is rooted in strong and meaningful community connections and repeated cycles of action and learning. We identified seven key principles that have helped guide us along the way.


1.  Data Informed

Decisions and actions are based on good information, of different forms and inclusive of different perspectives.

2.  People-centred and Inclusive

People are at the centre of all that we do. Those most affected by decisions must be able to participate in and shape those decisions. Relationships are central to this as trust is necessary to be successful.

3.  Asset and Strength-based

We approach solutions from a place of strengths and assets, not weaknesses and detriments. Strengths and assets exist with individuals and in neighbourhoods.

4.  Place-based

There is no "one size fits all" solution. We want many solutions that are made in Edmonton and reflect Edmontonians.

5.  Innovation and Creativity

We can think outside the box. Explore and quickly test solutions on a small scale as a first step. Learn and adapt. This iterative process can often be messy and unclear at times. We need to be comfortable with some discomfort.

6.  Transparent and Collaborative

We engage Edmontonians throughout the process, meeting them where they are at and constantly sharing what we did, what we learned and what we are planning to do next.

 7.  Scaling Up

Our work in the 5 core neighbourhoods is a starting point. This has the potential to scale up across the city.