Prototype: It Takes a Village

What if we could support families who are ‘just making it’ to build capacities to move to a more stable place, by creating better entry points to networks of formal services and informal supports within a vibrant community with positive determinants of health. And how might culture influence design and provision of supports and services?

Our interest is to explore what is possible for agencies, community members, informal supports and collective community when they come together and re-orient around  ‘meeting people where they are at during their day and life journey.’



Tamara Kulyk: Alberta Health
Shaylen Naidoo: City of Edmonton
Laurene Viarobo: North Edge Business Association
Jann Beeston: Volunteer Alberta
Shelley Sabo: Community Engager
Oksana Niedzielski: City of Edmonton
Samuel Juru: City of Edmonton
Barb Hudkins: Volunteer Alberta
Sharon Matthias: Coach and Systemic Innovation Consultant


This prototype serves end users and the players in the collective community support space.

End User:  Families who are “ just making it” or “just managing”  and who are members of cultural groups and are not part of mainstream.

Broader Relational Ecosystem Is the Target For Changing Outcomes:  Agencies, Informal Providers, Communities who are part of configuring ‘services’ / actions

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