what we did

Indicator Dashboard

We developed a dashboard for RECOVER that can show us our progress towards urban wellness. Like the dashboard on a vehicle, it helps guide us. Again reflecting our holistic view of what urban wellness is built on, we have five key categories of measures and indicators.

1. Safety & Security

2. Social Capacity

3. Economic Vitality

4. Built & Natural Environments

5. Physical & Mental Health

The indicator dashboard is a tool to gauge the wellbeing of neighbourhoods, as well as track and measure how well we are achieving our goals. It is a solid starting point that will be constantly refined by public input and our learnings during our RECOVER journey.

Measuring our Progress

We are starting by using a subset of key measures that best illustrates the indicator category areas that our stakeholder and public engagement identified as most important The measures are:

Social Capacity Index 

A measure of citizen connectedness, engagement, and inclusion, drawn from the Citizen Perception Survey.

Social Vulnerability Index 

A composite measure of nine elements commonly associated with neighbourhood vulnerability, such as unemployment rate, low income, lone parent families, and home ownership.

Safety Perception Index

A measure of citizens’ feelings of safety.

Understanding the Indicators of Wellness

Tasked with better understanding the five indicator categories, we also had researchers from the University of Alberta conduct a literature review. They sifted through literature from research out of Canada, United States of America, United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand. The UofA researchers also reviewed and summarized reports from Edmonton-based organizations that are currently working with RECOVER.

The result is an environmental scan that includes a Review of Non-Academic Sources, an Integrated Review of All 5 indicators and a series of mini-reviews on each of the indicators:

Social Capacity

Economic Vitality

Safety and Security

Physical and Mental Health

Built and Natural Environments