what's next

Social innovation and urban wellness is not a one-time thing. It is instead a continuous pattern of checking in, learning, adjusting, and building the capacity of all those involved and impacted. 

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City Council approved RECOVER's four recommendations in August 2018:

Recommendation 1

That the City continue RECOVER in the neighbourhoods of Boyle Street, McCauley, Central McDougall, Queen Mary Park and Downtown for up to five years to allow more time to measure changes of the indicators measuring urban wellness.

Recommendation 2

That RECOVER begin work in the Strathcona neighbourhood.

Recommendation 3

That Administration, in collaboration with partners, develop a RECOVER governance structure to replace the three existing committees, and report back to City Council by the end of March 2019.

Recommendation 4

That Administration advance a distributed model for serving marginalized people to ensure facilities and services are available in other areas of the city where need is evident; and that Administration explore tools and incentives - regulatory, policy and funding levers - that can contribute to more informed, human centred infrastructure to support wellness in the core.


Recover has been about learning and building a different way of solving complex problems. If City Council approves our recommendations we will continue our work with RECOVER, using social innovation for improving urban wellness.

Our next steps: 

Continue Prototyping

Support the existing prototypes and take on a new round of prototypes from the current list of urban wellness opportunities.

build a Social Innovation Network

Create a network of community, post-secondary institutions (students, faculty and research) and social innovation practitioners.

Strategy Alignment

Bring together provincial ministries, city and community service providers to expand on the strategy maps.

Indicator Dashboard

Further refine the data sets to develop some key indices that measures change in urban wellness. 

Governance Structure

Work with partners to transition RECOVER to a shared-leadership structure.


Explore a funding model that will attract funding from philanthropy and other orders of government.


Evaluate RECOVER to understand what is working and not working to inform changes for improvement.