Prototype: Service Navigators

What if we tweaked the service experience so that service navigators were agents of systems change with the province?

Service navigators document challenges as they help people access services. This prototype idea would capture the challenges and obstacles for the service providers to consider service  improvements. The Navigator role can be done by peers or by organization that have navigator jobs. Structured documentation could be used to get the clients’ voices and to provide feedback to the service providers. Some other considerations for this idea are that service providers could be  transparent about challenges, improvements and results and use a strengths-based approach to service improvements.


Who is this for?

This prototype is intended to improve outcomes for folks who use social service agencies, for supports with shelter and interim housing, addictions and mental health challenges.

Why This Group?

Due to the challenges they are dealing with, navigating the complicated system of supports is often a barrier to wellness for this demographic, hence the need for systems navigators.

What's Next?

  1. Set up process to observe Heavy Users of Services (HUoS) table.
  2. Invite different GoA Ministries, and partners to observe and provide input (field test May 1st).
  3. Develop a set of recommendations for advancing ideas forward.

Our Team

Cheryl Whiskeyjack: Bent Arrow
Barb Spence: E4C
Chris Buyze: Downtown Community League
Laurissa Kalinowsky: Downtown Community League
Kenwyn Norton: Africa Centre
Mei Hung: Chinese Benevolent Association
Linda Garvin: EPL
Derek McIntyre: EPS
Ashley Eddy: Homeward Trust
Samuel Juru: City of Edmonton
Oksana Niedzielski: City of Edmonton