Prototype: Socially Conscious Businesses

What if we could build momentum among small business owners in the 5 core neighbourhoods and expand their roles to support vulnerable neighbours and customers?

We are exploring how to encourage more businesses to adopt socially conscious practices. Our program will involve bringing together local businesses from the 5 RECOVER neighbourhoods,  “early adopters” and others who are interested to an evening meet up at The Nook in downtown Edmonton.

This prototype is exploring what supports and tools businesses need to address the unique challenges they face in growing their businesses - and in contributing to building community and enhancing dignity in their neighbourhoods.  

It will shine the light on good examples already in place and determine the level of interest among businesses in building a network or series of opportunities to work together.  We hope to find out more about what local business needs, wants and can share, so we can work with them to build momentum to encourage a shift in business practices.


Who is This For?

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Why this group?

We heard about businesses creating “humanizing third spaces” of community as part of our deep research and want to delve deeper into that.  We hope to build on those socially conscious businesses/owners in these neighbourhoods who are already in their own way fostering a welcoming and helpful environment for vulnerable persons in their business. Can their businesses become “informal hubs of dignity and respect”?

We also hope to have local business owners join us at this evening event who are looking for support, for ideas and opportunities to share and learn from each other.

What's Next?

Our steps, following the development of our storyboard, include:

  1. Develop an electronic and hard copy invitation to circulate.

  2. Book The Nook and refreshments for the prototype event.

  3. Develop a program for the May 3 evening, including spotlight talks by Lynsae Moon of The Nook, and Matthew Wong of BSCC on opioids and naloxone kit resources.

  4. Promote the event through person to person invitations and social media.

  5. Host the event, to gather input and ideas around socially conscious businesses on May 3 at 6 pm.

  6. Review and assess input gathered to determine if this prototype merits further development as a pilot, and what that might look like.

Our Team

Laurene Viarobo: North Edge Business Association
Gene Chan: Civitas Consulting
Lynsae Moon: The Nook Cafe
Kaylin Betteridge: City of Edmonton
Kate Gun: City of Edmonton