PRototype: Universal Basic Income

What if we tested a prototype related to the concept of a guaranteed annual income in the core neighbourhoods?

We know that social change begins with awareness. This prototype will focus on addressing the level of awareness of UBI among diverse key influencers, decision makers and leaders in our city.

We will explore awareness of,  interest in , misconceptions about UBI among these leaders in our community. We will ask them about what they know, don’t know and might like to know about UBI. And about what they find confusing or at odds with their sector outlook.

A series of up to 12 one on one interviews will be held by the Prototype Team with identified leaders, who may have varying levels of awareness and understanding of UBI.

The results have the potential to inform not only our work on RECOVER in Edmonton, but may well provide needed insight to the Ontario Pilot program on Basic Income and to the sector more broadly that is currently exploring this approach.  


Who is this for?

This prototype will engage one on one with a diverse cross section of up to 12 community leaders and influential voices. We will also include 2-4 voices of lived experience of poverty as part of the interview cohort.

Why this group?

Ontario is currently undertaking pilots to learn about guaranteed annual incomes and Ontario’s work could help inform our thinking. In Edmonton, however,  we believe, and want to test, whether this concept is even on the radar among diverse leaders, or if it is not, and why that might be.

We want to find out what, if any dialogue is happening, and through this prototype we will begin that conversation. We will also seek the leaders’ input on how best to build awareness in their sector and among their peers.

What's Next

This prototype was developed past the initial table top presentation through role playing mock interviews in the following steps:

  1. Develop the 5 question survey.
  2. Create a list of 12 to 15 diverse stakeholders who are influential leaders in the community and including several voices of lived experience.
  3. Develop a one page fact sheet on UBI as a take-away or reference for interviews.
  4. Set up and administer surveys and collect data and input on the 5 questions.

Our team

Ian Mathieson: Boyle Street Community Services
Liza Sunley: Bissell Centre
Karen McDonald: SAGE
Lorette Garrick: George Spady
Susannah Cameron: EndPovertyEdmonton
Lucenia Ortiz: City of Edmonton
Albert Galiev: City of Edmonton
Kate Gunn: City of Edmonton