Prototype: Wellness Council

What if government funding placed community needs at the centre and required collaboration between all stakeholders?

We need new ways to create mutually reinforcing community-wide strategies that yield big changes as opposed to hoping that the individual efforts of organizations and services will improve community wellness. This will provide opportunities to think about where we might reduce negative impacts, identify missed opportunities and capitalize on positive impacts.

We are looking for:

  • An alternative to current, adversarial process
  • A central place to go
  • Joint planning
  • Solutions based/action oriented
  • Decision authority
  • Connection to implementation
  • Governance model to bring decision-making closer to community

WHO is this for?

Neighbourhood businesses, agencies, community groups and residents, City planning and developers.

WHY this group?

The various stakeholder groups often have competing or misaligned visions and the decision making processes are seen as adversarial and sometime counter-productive.


  1. Assemble a group of stakeholders to discuss the options and challenges of a Wellness Council
  2. Determine and test the greatest uncertainty, in this case - can the assembled group agree to a common set of principles and use those principles for effective decision making
  3. Role play a scenario, with the Wellness Council presented with a contentious development proposal and how their decision-making would play out
  4. Map the points of tension to refine the principles,  membership, and process of the Wellness Council


Mei Hung: Chinese Benevolent Association
Warren Champion: Central McDougall Community League
Phil O`Hara: McCauley Community League
Rachael Putt: Councillor McKeen`s Office
Gary St. Amand: Bissell Centre
Kourch Chan: Edmonton City Centre Church Corporation
Bruce Reith: Hope Mission
Natalie Magnan: Community and Social Services
Lindsay Whittaker: Community and Social Services
Holly Mah: Chinese Benevolent Association
Sandy Pon: Chinese Benevolent Association
Susan McGee: Homeward Trust
Susan Coward: City of Edmonton
Amanda Rancourt: City of Edmonton